Learn beyond your books, get skilled

Are you still following traditional education system?
Break the boundaries of your limited learning with upcultus! Learn skills like entrepreneurship, research, coding, communication, leadership, creative writing, designing, critical thinking, personal finanace and many more to be future-ready. Learn foreign languages like French and Spanish. Also start your journey with coding.

Learn from the best! Get Mentored!

Learning can get a bit boring. Right?
At Upcultus learn with enthusiastic & passionate students from IIT, NIT, DU and many other prominent institutions. They will not only teach you but also mentor you with their experience and guide you in every aspect of your life.
- Skills development.
- Best mentorship and career guidance.
- Live classes.
- Notes & Assignment.
- Doubt classes.
- Learn with fun.

Helping all strata of society

Yes! You heard right, helping all strata of society, be it someone with fewer resources or child with special need to get equal footage in the society. At upcultus, we make sure students gets best education at a very affordable price.

Getting a mentor is the shortcut to success

We want to act as a torchbearer in the life of students & help them in empowering their mindset, social skills, outlook along with academics score.

About Us

Upcultus is an online platform,where we believe in holistic evolution of every one.Here we focus on academics along with skills' training. Through our mission we want to act as a catalyst for positive social change in every circumstances, creating opportunities in new ways, prosperity

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To strengthen the skills and abilities of the youngsters in the right direction.


To enhance the competence of students by providing everyone with the access to premium online education and by cultivating skills that will empower them to become, the Leaders of the Future.

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Co-Founder & CTO


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